[A B O U T REcon]

REcon is the confluence of Diligence, Discipline, & Dedication.

Affiliated REcon(naissance) offers a wide array of specialized consulting and advisory services designed for clients requiring unparalleled attention to their specific investment needs one client at a time.

The current market provides an overwhelming quantity of massive firms that allege to offer special attention to each client; however, the great amount of clients they entertain forces them into turnkey operations unable to provide the conscientious services they boast.

The REcon philosophy encompasses a long-term relationship with a select number of clients and the fulfillment of our clients ongoing investment needs. We believe that meticulous research is the foundation to investment success and our strategy is to maintain a senior-level staff with the knowledge and ability to achieve a high level of work efficiency and respond directly to client needs. The number of senior-level staff members directly correlates to the number of clients we accept and maintain at anytime. If one of the managing partners cannot directly engage a client’s needs, then we are mandated by our strategy to respectfully decline the request for our services.

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